Open positions

Experienced hires Arthur D. Little is currently looking very intensively for candidates with a PhD or MBA degree or with several years of industry or consulting experience. Whether you will start as a Business Analyst, Consultant or Manager depends on your current capabilities and experience. 
What we are looking for in our experienced hires is the capability of a professional to balance creative insights with pragmatic industry understanding and technical knowledge. In addition, you should also demonstrate outstanding intelligence, ample common sense, and well developed social competence. You need to be a smart and well -rounded individual who possesses the drive and commitment to achieve lasting results. Last, but not least, you must show unwavering personal integrity. 
Currently, all office are especially looking for professionals with 4-10 years of industry experience or 3-8 years of consulting experience. Interested in a career change at Arthur D. Little? Contact us now! 


If you join us straight from university or with 1-2 years’ experience, you will start as a Business Analyst. We are looking for strong personalities showing common sense and a creative eye to new problems. University graduates who have a broader view on the world than merely a class room perspective. And above all: pleasant and original colleagues who can help us to grow our offices in the USA with their insights, enthusiasm and flair. 

We require that you:

  • Have shown above-average academic results and strong analytical capabilities
  • Have considerable extra-curricular experience (internships, activities in student organizations, entrepreneurship, etc.)