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Bridging the Talent Gap

Despite booming oil prices the industry is being constrained by  resource shortages in oil supply, refining capacity and talents across the sector despite a 20% increase in investments by IOC's and NOC's.

Exzellenz in Working Capital Management

Forderungen rasch einzutreiben, Vorräte gering zu halten und diese schnell umzuschlagen sowie Zahlungsziele für Lieferanten möglichst lang zu gestalten - diese Stellhebel des so genannten Working Capital Management sind in der unternehmerischen Praxis grundsätzlich bekannt: Primäres Ziel dabei ist...
Operations management

Value in Focus

This study of 51 major European banks, conducted by Arthur D. Little’s Global Financial Services Practice, aims to identify the most efficient commercial banks in Europe. Cost-efficiency gives a bank freedom to manoeuvre. Strong, free cash flow gives a bank the means to invest in new markets,...

How to manage portfolio companies when the economy is down

Strategies to Turn an Economic Slump to Portfolio Companies’ Advantage

Management summary The current U.S. economic environment has profoundly hurt companies of all sizes and ownership structures. Rising raw material costs, driven by volatile commodity prices and rising supply chain costs, have crippled EBITDA margins. Adding to the pain, companies...
Private equity

The accidental distressed investor

Optimizing investment recovery

Management Summary As the credit and economic crisis deepens, many investors aresuddenly finding themselves in possession of assets or portfolio companies that are closing in on default scenarios.Managerial under-performance and over-leveraged balance sheets coupled with the economic...
Private equity

The World is becoming flat...

Overcoming infrastructure issues for mobile operators

Flat-fee offerings are emerging for voice, data and multimedia services in many countries around the world. As flat-fee offers become increasingly aggressive, it can be already observed that they cause severe quality problems for all customers consuming these services. In this article we highlight...

Challenges & Success Factors for Multinational Automotive Suppliers in China

Challenges and success factors for multinational automotive suppliers in China

China is the most important emerging market for the automotive industry - but also a market where many suppliers currently make no money. This Arthur D. Little study illustrates the current situation of foreign, "multinational", suppliers in the Chinese automotive market. It shows areas of...

Global Broadband Report Update 2005 "Growth Fuels Disruption"

Based on interviews carried out in 22 countries and proprietary research, the Broadband Report offers perspectives on the evolution towards profitable Broadband and potential courses of action for all industry players. In the Arthur D. Little Broadband Update 2005, we focus on three main segments...