Arthur D. Little highlights the business benefits of 4G LTE

With increasing mobility and flexibility of the workforce, business continues to demand richer communication and collaboration for employees. Content and services need to be accessible away from the office, and on multiple devices. Arthur D. Little’s latest whitepaper, “The Business Benefits of 4G LTE” outlines tangible benefits that businesses can expect from LTE. Through real case situations across several industries it highlights five situations where business performance can be substantially improved by 4G LTE. The research, commissioned by leading UK mobile operator EE, is a world first in revealing how the superfast network can help firms increase innovation, boost productivity and cut costs. As Information and Communications Technology continues to develop, the business world is applying it ever more broadly – and across increasingly diverse applications. Critical to this will be the development of mobile communications technology, with users now expecting an easy, quick and powerful experience even when using a mobile device. Arthur D. Little’s research suggests that the performance improvements 4G LTE provides, including much higher bandwidth, lower latency and improved spectrum efficiency, will open new opportunities to business:

  1. More applications can be used on mobile devices, out of the home or office
  2. Faster or real-time sharing of large files and streaming media
  3. Near-immediate delivery of time-sensitive data, such as for real-time interaction or transactions
“Our analysis of countries in which 4G LTE is already available reveals connectivity should no longer be a barrier to realizing the benefits of enterprise mobility” says Joseph Place, Manager in Arthur D. Little’s TIME Practice. “Businesses are using 4G LTE to bring a more fundamental level of mobility to their organizations and we expect to see innovative 4G-specific products emerging, for instance in the mHealth arena.” Stuart Keeping, Partner in Arthur D. Little’s TIME Practice says, “Organizations need to fully understand the evolving needs of their users to explore how 4G LTE can better meet these needs.  This understanding should be developed into a full enterprise mobile strategy, with a clear business case, defining how best to capitalize on the promise of advanced mobility.” The full whitepaper can be downloaded at 

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