Arthur D. Little announces the successful completion of its Management Buy-Out

Arthur D. Little today announces that it successfully completed its Management Buy-Out (“MBO”) with Altran Technologies on 30th December, 2011. In its 125th anniversary year, the world’s first management consulting firm has once again become a Global Private Partnership, with 100% of the ownership of the company now held by its Partners. The MBO deal involves all of its offices worldwide and includes the prestigious Arthur D. Little brand. Since the 2nd November announcement by Altran, that it had entered into an exclusive negotiation of an MBO led sale of Arthur D. Little to its Partners, the firm has been actively and successfully preparing its new independent Global Private Partnership. The financial commitment required from the Partners has been oversubscribed and Altran Technologies will be providing vendor financing to support the company’s development in the coming months and years. The firm will be led by a newly elected global CEO, Ignacio GARCIA ALVES, leader of the MBO team that successfully managed the acquisition of Arthur D. Little by its Partners. “I am honored by the trust and confidence of the Partners and am very excited by the prospect of leading this firm into the next stage of its rich history. Our objective with the MBO is twofold: 1) Taking the firm’s destiny and governance back in the hands of the Partners; 2) Accelerating growth by attracting key talents or aggregating smaller firms in targeted industries, functions and countries” declared Ignacio GARCIA ALVES, the new Global CEO. The positioning of Arthur D. Little will be centred on its historical core of Innovation, offering its unparalleled and unique value proposition of linking Strategy, Innovation, and Technology. In the current global economy, this value proposition is the only way companies and countries can improve their sustained competitiveness. This is true in Europe and the USA where new growth platforms are desperately needed as well as in fast growing economies, such as BRIC countries, that seek to catch-up and move into innovative, added-value products and services. Arthur D. Little will continue to launch new proprietary Innovation Labs that explore future Mega Trends from a multi-disciplinary point of view. The first such lab has recently released its research report into

The Future of Urban Mobility, which has already been widely acclaimed.

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About Arthur D. LittleFounded in 1886 as the world’s first consulting firm, Arthur D. Little has continually transformed business thinking and practice by applying its expertise in the areas of strategy, technology and innovation. Today, Arthur D. Little helps companies to create growth, overcome strategic challenges, improve innovation capabilities, and increase efficiency and competitiveness in a globalised marketplace. Arthur D. Little has a global footprint in 20 countries with a network of over 1,000 people.


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