Development and implementation of global transport group’s safety programme
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ADL are partners in safety with a global public transport group


For the Global CEO of a multinational public transport corporation, we supported implementation of a Safety Development Program to both drive and demonstrate a step change in commitment to safety throughout all Divisions. The program is now embedded and has delivered harm reduction and improved culture and behaviour. Following initial development and rollout, for five years, Arthur D. Little has been “independent partners in safety” to review effectiveness of the program alongside Group Safety Director. However, like any program, continued performance improvement will be challenging without a new ‘driving force’. In the fifth year of the program, we have been working alongside the Divisions to develop a new World Class framework for driving and other core operational areas.

This review is one of our best processes


The initial program focussed on leadership, requirements, communications and monitoring. In developing the World Class framework we built on our experience of each Division’s operations gained from these past reviews. We ran a workshop with the Group Safety Director and Divisional heads and injected our knowledge of best practice from other clients. We consolidated our findings into a simple ‘World Class Driving’ specification which was approved by the Group CEO. This is now being developed into a new approach for the next five years with new KPIs and governance arrangements to move to ‘World Class’.

We have reduced harm by more than 50%, including year-on-year improvement


We report annually to the CEO and Board on safety progress and development priorities. This includes an assessment of all of the Group’s Divisions. The original Program has, so far, achieved what was expected. We used our understanding of the current status in all Divisions, a clear understanding of actions required to progress the Program and performance further and our effective working relationship with the Group Safety Director and CEO. The Program has delivered a 50% reduction of harm to staff and travelling public in three years. There has been excellent engagement from Group CEO, Board and Divisional Managing Directors and we expect the new World Class Driving framework to deliver in a similarly effective manner.

Costs of safety are reduced across all Divisions

Reduction in Harm



Of course it’s been worth it – there are people alive today because of this