Developing regional pilots for sustainable energy

For a national energy agency, we tested and developed an initiative to drive national policy through regional pilots


The client was managing a proposed initiative consisting of focused activities on a regional scale, which would inform of and help drive significant progress towards national Irish sustainable-energy goals.

The initial concept aimed to demonstrate the delivery of an integrated sustainable-energy program through focused activities. 

We were commissioned to test this underlying concept and recommend key elements of the strategy and activities for the initiative.


  • We conducted an assessment of energy, housing and transport infrastructure, and patterns of supply and demand  both regionally and nationally 
  • We assessed policy priorities (including EU directives) to assess potential sustainable-energy opportunities 
  • Through an interview program with key stakeholders, we developed an understanding of the key concerns that would have to be addressed


  • The strategic framework developed by this project is considered a key strategy component of this national energy agency 
  • The work streams in sustainable transport, housing/planning, and business engagement are being developed 
  • Our client has been able to turn a high-level concept into a clearly articulated proposition which will assist engagement with key stakeholders