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LNG still in transit

Change continues in the LNG industry, but the pace is evolution, not revolution

Oil & gas

Digitalization can make energy more affordable

Oil & gas Digital transformation & analytics

Economic impact on Europe of the Nord Stream 2 project

Analysis of effects on job creation and GDP

Oil & gas

America First: carbon emissions go last?

Potential impact of President Trump’s “America First Energy Plan” on the power sector

Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy

Funding lower-priority clinical trials

Exploring a new mechanism to fund the timely execution of deprioritized trials

Oil & gas

Unconventional hydrocarbons in Latin America

From dreams to reality

Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy

What is next for petroleum downstream?

New business models are critical in a sector in which the supply of energy for mobility is changing

Oil & gas

The NOC Technology & Innovation Management Challenge

Improving performance in technology management

Oil & gas Technology & innovation management

Where now for oil?

Recent market turmoil is not likely to last - a new normal is in the making for oil and gas prices

Oil & gas

The birth of Neo-Petronationalism: a new emerging model

Oil & gas