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Uniquely different, universally rewarding

Arthur D. Little, one of the world's premier consulting firms, links Strategy, Innovation & Technology to help its clients exploit their existing strengths and develop new capabilities by combining its experience and innovative thinking across the globe.

Our clients look to us when they require deep industry knowledge and technological insights. We provide experienced professionals who can blend context, vision and detail, bridging the gaps across strategy, technology and innovation. If it's a matter of enhancing the value chain, designing better organizational and partnership networks, or exploiting new technologies, Arthur D. Little through its Global Industry Practices achieves long-lasting, successful results for its clients.

At Arthur D. Little, we solve complex business problems with innovative solutions and a client-driven philosophy.

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CDO versus CIO –a non-zero-sum game

How a fruitful tension can be created from the imminent conflict between CDO and CIO
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LNG still in transit

Change continues in the LNG industry, but the pace is evolution, not revolution

Arthur D. Little, founded in 1886, is the world's first management consultancy. 

It was founded by Arthur Dehon Little and Roger Griffin who together were pioneers in the area of "management consulting."  Imagine in the early 1900s companies seeking knowledge from an external party to support their R&D strategies ...

One of the keys to success today is the ability to anticipate the future and set the right course towards it – “navigating the future”. Today, companies need to do this better and faster than ever to survive and prosper in the long-term. Our Second Semester 2014 edition of Prism therefor focuses on aspects of the future across a range of industries with the emphasis on the near-term.